Performance upgrade, cutting speed more than doubled!

I’ve added a second wire current contact point to the lower guide of the C-arc. The operating current level can now be more than doubled, increasing the cutting speed by more than 200%. My are generator can run at very high power levels, so that is not the bottleneck in my machine for achieving higher cutting speeds.

Cutting 3mm Aluminum @ >20mm/min!

Cutting 6mm stainless steel  @ >2mm/min

Cutting 10mm Aluminum @ 5mm/min

Here are some example videos:

The next video starts with a stutter when the wire first touches. This is the algorithm searching for the optimal cutting speed. Once found the wire blasts through the 3mm Al @ >20mm/min. Cutting at this power level generated a large amount of hydrogen gas!




  1. Mariano

    mike; I think that your problem with Hidrogen gas is due to 2 things that are common , one is water conductivity, when cutting ali, and other is water volume, as the whater need to pass thru the resin when the conductivity levels are to high, we cut 300 mm ali without issues..
    Keep it up! you are doing an excellent job!

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